Immortal Stone

Carl Jung said every man carries with him unconsciously, the memory of ancient civilizations, and rock is a fragment of the World’s memory.

In the Thomas Covenant Chronicles it says “Wood is too brief, it has forgotten. Yet this stone remembers.” It is at the end of the book where the protagonist comes before the horror of great evil and needs the memories of deep rock to overcome it.

Some of this is just fiction and I know that rocks don’t have memories because they’re just rocks right and it’s our personification of life onto an inanimate object by giving it memory.

But, I like the idea that rocks don’t forget what they are; in that they don’t collapse easily because they remember their shape, they have strong memories…yet this stone remembers.

We carve meaning into rock all the time and its how we remember our dead because we know that material lasts.

There is something in the making of things that challenges time and I want what I build to last, at least significantly, so then it can be remembered with stories and history too and that could be a good thing!

These stones, rocks, carved and build memories are around us everyday. In our garden’s, our shared places, villages and towns. If you’re like me and are fascinated by the majestic craftsmanship here are some truly amazing places.


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