Stone pitching

2016-05-30 (32)

Stone pitching is a traditional technique that uses large stones dug in the ground to provide a hard wearing surface for walking on. Not the same as cobbling, the stones are usually more random and larger so the effect is more of a natural look and as such this technique is common practice for upland footpath construction and those areas with a high footfall.

Stone pitching can provide a number of benefits as a path surface:

♦  A very durable surface on steep slopes or level ground where other path surface types are impractical

♦  A solid and immoveable surface that will withstand the most extreme pressures of use and water flow

♦  A path surface with a long life expectancy and minimum maintenance requirements

♦  A surface that blends in well with the surrounding landscape

Our team are experienced at building footpaths to this method, over flat and steep terrain and can problem solve the right stone solution to your needs.