Traditional stone walls

“It’s no good asking, what kind of stone do I want,” he says. “The stone I want is the one that’s going to go there.” It’s like doing a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle, that’s good for your soul.


Traditional dry stone walls will last many years and are seen as an investment due to their value and appeal that they add to land and properties. The techniques we use enhance landscapes and work in harmony with the environment and natural surroundings.


Retaining walls structures are designed to maintain soil to unnatural slopes. The principle behind this type of wall ties in as much stone as possible into the bank, using as many ‘through’ stones as there are available with the wall leaning slightly back pushing against the bank. Many can be single skin, whereby only the outer face of the wall is built up. However, this can depend upon the availability of suitable ‘through’ and ‘cap’ stones, ground conditions and the type of wall that needs building. As such, we always conduct a thorough site visit to ensure the right method is chosen for you.

Whether it’s a newly built field boundary wall, retaining wall, repairs to existing structures, installing a stile or gateway we can decide the best option for you.